"The Greatest Challenge In Life Is Discovering Who You Are. The Second Greatest Challenge Is Being Happy With What You Find." The third greatest challenge is knowing where your heart is.


"If you want something go after it, stop procrastinating and waiting for the perfect time, its never perfect" - Brandon T Adams

Ha!  How true is this?!?

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So true! I recently had a conference with a mom who said straight out, "Im a bad mom" but her kid is amazing. Behind every amazing kid there's an amazing mom, I just wish we would all give ourselves credit for it

Sometimes you have to give up on people | #Quotes About Life

So true, well if it seems that way then yes you have to give up, some people show caring different, but then some are just that, non caring & self absorbed.

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Goodbye sayings. "see you later alligator give a hug ladybug hit the road happy toad see you soon raccoon out the door dinosaur"


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Let your smile change the world. Don't let the world change your smile.

Helemaal waar!!

what are little boys made of.makes me think of my little boys growing up & the adventures yet to be had with my lil' grand baby boys!