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Hanging Planter Bird Foraging - Love this idea! And I already have 2 of these in storage I'm not even out of storage it comes ;)

Use a hanging planter as a foraging area! Select a planter that will fit well in your bird's cage and has evenly spaced chain supports so that it cannot tip over easily. Fill the planter with soil an

What pests are eating my plants

Wondering What Pest is Snacking on Your Beautiful Garden? Chewed Leaves and a Slim Trail? Must be Slugs and Snails! Deformed Leaves and Sucking Damage? Sounds Like you Have Aphids. Learn How to Recognize Garden Pests by Leaf Damage and How to Eliminate Th

Top 40 Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Most of us have at some point wondered what we would look like sporting blonde tresses. Worry not, here we have put together a list of blonde hair color ideas to help you make heads turn with the right shade.