Pinguin collage maken met kleuters / Поделка изделие Пингвин Бумага журнальная

Pinguin collage the sharp icy boarder is cool, kids could use green for jungle and add a leafy border or add coral or seaweed like boarder for different creatures -oh even rocks and a dragon in the middle, lots of ideas collage paper craft mixed media

Polar Bear Mask

Here's a super cute polar bear mask craft made from a paper plate and tissue paper. I especially like the fruit cup for the snout.

the children made snowmen with their names

Miss Egnatuk's Developmental Kindergarten: Winter Activities Bulletin Board or small group activity

Winter Kindergarten Holiday Worksheets: Mitten Mix-and-Match

Mitten Mix-and-Match

Hele film. De Sneeuwman. Een jongetje maakt een sneeuwman waarmee hij 's nachts allerlei avonturen beleeft.

The complete 1982 video with the original introduction, NOT the animated or David Bowie intros for TV broadcast. Based on the book The Snowman by Raymond Bri.

Stryrofoam print mittens- 1st grade

Stryrofoam print mittens- grade - H! 1 = the actual styro mitten and the print makes its symmetrical match