Lutins de Noël!

Pinecone Elves

Make a tribe of cute crafted pine cone elves to decorate far more than the elf on the shelf could ever manage. Pine cones, felt, brown pipe cleaners, a wooden bead and a bit of paint plus needle and thread are all you need to make your own pine cone elf

Heart Shaped Pine Cone Wreath Rustic decor Wreath by FeltWitch

Heart Shaped Pine Cone Wreath Rustic decor Wreath by FeltWitch. I could make this with the pine cones in my backyard!

Herfst !

This is a lovely idea! Imagine the pumpkin alone (any odd one) with the little arrangement similar with interesting things wrapping is the limit to how lovely this is and can be in any setting! This says: Herfst !

Und noch mehr

Fundgrube Ideen für Halloween

21687062_1102733993190019_5832223455031460982_o.jpg (700×1047)

21687062_1102733993190019_5832223455031460982_o.jpg (700×1047)

Wat kan je met bladeren allemaal knutselen?!

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