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Haven is a Place on Earth | The Nib

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UNREGULATED internet money transfer systems are using Edinburgh shell companies as fronts amid growing concern over money-laundering in the… People Around The World, Around The Worlds, Russian Money, Tax Haven, Internet Money, Stock Broker, Money Laundering, Westminster, Edinburgh

Revealed: the secret bases of Scotland 's 25,000 hidden tax haven firms

They are Scotland’s hidden tax havens - and one may well be located on a street near you.

The Guardian view on David Cameron and tax havens: a dodgy day at the office Tax Haven, Uk Politics, Austerity, House Of Commons, David Cameron, Foreign Policy, The Office, The Guardian, Human Rights

The Guardian view on David Cameron and tax havens: a dodgy day at the office | Editorial

Editorial: The prime minister is good at persuading the House of Commons but his plans for controlling UK offshore jurisdictions remain full of loopholes

New NBER study estimates that "close to of multinational profits are shifted to low-tax countries each year. Profit shifting is highest among U. the tax revenue losses are highest for the European Union and developing countries. What A Country, Tax Haven, Latest World News, News Latest, Horror Show, Ny Times, Worlds Largest, Economists, Around The Worlds

Tax Havens Blunt Impact of Corporate Tax Cut, Economists Say

Tax Havens Blunt Impact of Corporate Tax Cut Economists Say

LIES, LIES & MORE LIES. As it turns out, wealth doesn't trickle down–it just floods offshore, research reveals. Mega Tsunami, Tax Rules, Tax Haven, Global Economy, Modern History, Social Justice, The Guardian, Research

Wealth doesn't trickle down – it just floods offshore, research reveals

A far-reaching new study suggests a staggering $21tn in assets has been lost to global tax havens. If taxed, that could have been enough to put parts of Africa back on its feet – and even solve the euro crisis, writes Heather Stewart

With deep blue waters, white sand beaches and rich marine life, the tiny island nation of the Seychelles is announcing a pioneering marine conservation plan as part of a debt swap deal with creditors. Tax Haven, Clean Ocean, Seychelles Islands, Save Our Earth, Save Our Oceans, Marine Conservation, Island Nations, Marine Life, The Guardian

Labor plans crackdown on deductions for travel to tax havens

Anyone wanting to claim back costs of visiting a designated tax haven would have to convince the tax commissioner

Bombshell allegations that ATO mismanagement covered up massive fraud against th. Bombshell allegations that ATO mismanagement covered up massive fr Signal App, Tax Rules, Corporate Tax Rate, Tax Haven, What Is It Called, Global Business, What The World, Australia, Asia

ATO contractor has history of bankruptcy and links to tax havens

A company running the Australian Tax Office's call centres has a "colourful" history of complex corporate structures, bankrupt subsidiaries and funnelling funds through tax havens.

Tax Forms Law Most people who file their own state and federal taxes typically starts with IRS Form but this is far from the only form you will need, or even the only possible form you can file. Family Law Attorney, Divorce Attorney, Divorce Lawyers, Attorney At Law, Tax Lawyer, Estate Lawyer, Tax Debt, Pay Taxes

Fighting the Lure of Tax Havens

Fighting the Lure of Tax Havens Naturally enough the high tax countries are not happy to see resources and tax money flow out of the country. As a tax attorney, I can tell you that there are huge...

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Offshore Tax Havens: Taxpayer's Trillion Dollar Travesty [Infographic]

A new report from Oxfam has claimed that the 50 biggest US businesses have stashed $1.4 trillion in tax havens abroad. That sum is higher than the GDP of Mexico or the Netherlands and does not count towards US tax. Oxfam's analysis of the companies involved, including Apple, Boeing and [...]

Wonder why taxes are so high on the working middle-class. someone has to make up for what corporations and the don't pay thanks to Republicans ! Meanwhile In America, Singapore Dollar, Tax Haven, Us Tax, Political Quotes, Global Economy, British Virgin Islands, World's Biggest

It’s Time For Big Corporations To Pay Their Fair Share

Congress should require these companies to pay the hundreds of billions of dollars that they owe on these offshore profits in tax havens.