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two people are kissing each other with their noses close to one another while the woman is wearing a black shirt
Parejas que combinaron outfits de la manera más chic posible
¿Pido mucho?
a man and woman kissing in front of a christmas tree with their hands on each other
Simple Raw & Real
De winter kan ook leuk zijn voor een fotoshoot. Doe een muts op en wanten aan :)
a man and woman embracing each other in front of a tree with lights on it
a man holding a woman on his back by the ocean while she kisses her cheek
two people are in the water and one is holding another person up to their chest
a man and woman kissing in an airport with luggage on the ground next to them
a man and woman kissing on the beach
a man and woman hugging on the beach
a person laying in bed with their feet on the pillow and text that reads, how cute is this?
two cell phones with the same image on them
9 Next-Level Relationship Goals
10 Geeky #RelationshipGoals to Strive For
a man and woman kissing in the snow
the man is laying in bed with his shirt off and looking at something on his phone
Knuffelen is gezond! 6 overtuigende redenen om meer te knuffelen
Mannen, vrouwen, kinderen zelfs dieren houden van knuffelen. Het is niet zo gek dat we zo van knuffelen houden: “Aanraken en knuffelen verbetert ons humeur en het geeft ons een veilig en beschermd gevoel”, aldus relatie expert Elyse Goldstein. En maak je geen zorgen als je single bent; knuffelen met je huisdier, kind, vrienden of …
two people are sitting on a bench with their arms around each other and one is holding the other
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a man and woman standing next to each other near the ocean at sunset or dawn