Suzan van Beijnen
Suzan van Beijnen
Suzan van Beijnen

Suzan van Beijnen

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Tiny House | Zoku Loft

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My house is going to be all glass with a huge open atrium with a maple tree planted in the middle. There's also going to be a little pond and waterfall that my dad is going to build for me. The pond is going to be filled with vibrant koi fish that my kids are going to pick out.

Outdoor dining - Corona Renderer

Simplicity and refinement (

Peinture escalier

GUBI // Bestlite BL5 wall lamp -

Fabulous green accent

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favorite: Manger Restaurant 11th paris

The skylight in the sleeping loft OPENS! Oh my. I'm in love. little tiny house 006 Little Tiny House on Wheels: Freedom by Living Simply

My favorite "tiny house" - Approx 550 sq feet. Just add some solar panels to the roof & it's good to go!