Croissants in the morning is always a good idea.

Croissants: Three Ways

Healthy and responsible wafles. Glutenfree and sugarfree! Recipe:

These healthy waffles are are glutenfree, dairyfree, sugarfree and low in carbs. Top it of with some home made Nutella and you are in for a treat!

Delicious but healthy banana pancakes! 1 banana and 2 eggs.

Clean banana pancakes - Fitgirlcode - Community for fit and healthy women. Unlocking your personal code to a healthy lifestyle.

seeded wholemeal bagels

Breakfast bakes recipes

Coax yourself into wakefulness with the smell of these fresh muffins and bagels made with the minimum of fuss

Bake up early: breakfast recipes | Ruby Bakes

While you need to prepare these croissants in advance, they are well worth the wait come morning.

Bake up early: breakfast recipes | Ruby Bakes

The pikelets are best served warm with a little salted butter and a soft-set jam, just as you might treat a crumpet.