Een leuke combinatie van cyclamen en kaarsjes

It would be so easy to DIY these yarn candle holders! Could even spray paint them mate white to make them look more modern. only problem is mixing flame with yarn and paint. Make this with Candle Impressions Flameless Candles to ease all fire concerns.

Pantone Home and Interiors 2017 Color Trends

Pantone Home and Interiors 2017 Color Trends

7 design features of the perfect Nordic rustic cottage. Touring a beautiful little home in Denmark for some great design and decor ideas.

Interieur | Betaalbare industriële lampen – Stijlvol Styling - WoonblogStijlvol…

Today we’ll present you an outstanding selection of 20 Mid-Century Modern Floor Lamps To Die For. As you’ll understand, this is the perfect article for you .

Bob Manders

Star Trek transporter vibes: dual showers are visually striking! What do you think of the concept?


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