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B-52 going supersonic...that's the shit there!!!  I didn't know that they could do that.

going supersonic . not, contrary to the description usually accompanying this photo. Vapor cones are often generated at transonic speeds in moist air. Max speed of the Buff is Mach well short of supersonic.


Concorde: "Unable to Fly." Her wings have been clipped, sadly. After British Airways withdrew Concorde the 7 were subsequently dispersed for preservation at Barbados (Registration: AE) Edinburgh (AA) Filton (AF) Manchester (AC) New York (AD)

Two Lockheed U-2s fly over a foggy and mysterious... - You like airplanes, too?

senior-crown: youlikeairplanestoo: Two Lockheed fly over a foggy and mysterious city (thoughts? Photo courtesy of Full version here. It is, as these were based out of the Ames Research Center at nearby Moffett Field.

Cool invention!

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