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Whey - The Liquid Gold in Kefir
Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet, eating her kefir and whey. Along came a spider who ate alongside her, and happily digested all day. In the summertime I receive many letters from people who have trouble with their kefir separating into whey and curds. Part of this is the warmer temperatures and also the …
three jars filled with yellow liquid and the words, 16 ways to use whey
The Best Uses for Whey | The Prairie Homestead
16+ amazing uses for whey-- don't ever pour your whey down the drain, it's valuable stuff!
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How to Make Whey Soda
How to Make Whey Sodas
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Protein Packed Banana Bread — Glazed and Confused
Finally! A moist, no-sugar-added, gluten-free, oil-free, whey protein banana bread! Banana bread is and always has been one of my favorite baked goods so I HAD to create a healthy version so I won't feel guilty eating 2 or 3 pieces. Or 6. If you have ever tried baking with whey protein powder, you already know how difficult it is to work with it. If you use more than 1/4 protein in your batter, it comes out extremely dry and rubbery. Ew. Trust me, I have made plenty of protein panc...
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Million Layer Whey Biscuits--A Great Idea for Leftover Yogurt Whey
Flaky Biscuits with a Million Layers of Cinnamon; whey, biscuits, tutorial; recipe; breakfast
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Protein Rice Pudding Recipe with Cooked Rice
Post-Workout Rice Pudding with whey protein
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“Whey” Cool Uses for Whey - Faithful Provisions
Homemade Whey for smoothies and cooking.
honey - butter glazed flaky biscuits made with butter and yogurt or buttermilk
The flakiest homemade biscuits ever!!! Glazed with honey-butter. The secret ingredient is whey drained from yogurt (you can also use buttermilk). #biscuits #homemadebiscuitrecipes #flakybiscuits #yogurt #whey #honeybutter
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Benefits and Uses for Whey
For those of you who are interested in or already making homemade yogurt , you might be wondering what to do with all the whey you get from ...
how to make probiotic whey soda
How to Make Probiotic Whey Soda
This probiotic whey soda is bubbly and effervescent - the perfect gut-healthy drink that comes together easily at home with a few simple ingredients. #whey #acidwhey #probiotic #wheysoda #fermentation #fermented #guthealth #homemadeyogurt
the collage shows different types of drinks and beverages with text that reads, 9 ways to use extra kefir whey
9 Ways to Use Extra Kefir Whey!
9 Ways To Use Extra Kefir Whey! If you make kefir, then you'll want to make kefir cheese and if you make kefir cheese you'll have kefir whey. Here are my favorite ways to use up this powerful probiotic! ~CulturedFoodLife
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Probiotic Lacto-Fermented Lemonade Recipe
Probiotic Lemonade
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How to Make Nutritious Whey for a Starter for Lacto-Fermentation and Other Practical Uses — All Posts Healing Harvest Homestead
Find out how to make whey for health and lacto-fermentation! What is whey? Why should you use it? How do you use whey? Find out all about this lovely greenish protein-packed liquid!
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Blog Home Page
Good tips on using whey in baked products
two jars filled with yellow liquid sitting on top of a wooden table next to each other
Does it Matter if Raw Whey is Clear or Cloudy?
Clear vs cloudy liquid whey---- and what to do with all that yogurt whey that's leftover from homemade yogurt making. Great awesome healthy ideas!