7) Book Worm

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a comic strip with an image of two books talking to each other and the caption reads you look so much thinner thanks, i had my appendix removed
there were a lot of things i planned to do then i picked up a book
several cups with sticky notes in them sitting on a striped tablecloth covered table cloth
Book Club: All We Ever Wanted — Suburban Soiree
a stack of books with the words reading my favorite person is for avoiding unwanted plans
coffee and books with the words drink coffee read books be happy
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a t - shirt that says housework is for those who don't like reading
a blue chair sitting next to a potted plant
a woman reading a book with the words, i could spend days outside contact just reading books
books are like a box of chocolates i want them all
Books r like a box of chocolate
the words i will clean my house today, on look at a bookshelf