Plafond: Ruw beton  Muren: Sereen, Mysterieus Smokey

Did you know that is the top colour to use in your or dining room if you’re trying to lose weight as it can suppress your appetite.

De gebruikte kleuren zijn Real savanna, Gentle savanna, Gentle ocean

Pure by Flexa ColorLab®

Kleuren: Peeling en Lava

Saffron orange is associated with sacrifice, courage and salvation in Hinduism.

Muren: Hosta  Stoel: Reukerwt en Gipskruid

Inspiring cool and trendy kitchen from the past you can apply to kitchen interior today. Things and kitchen design from the look great even to this day


Orange stands for the essence of Buddhism, enlightenment, strength and dignity. It also signifies stability, renunciation and the earth.

Kleur: Witte Nano

With names like Supernova, Nano, Flash, Volt, Hightech and UFO you know the Fluo Fantasy colour collection is future forward

Het houtwerk is gelakt in Honingraat

Neutral shades create vastly different moods for your home due to their great flexibility to act as a base for bolder colours or simply layered to add subtle warmth.

Plafond: Extra mat Marmerwit  Muren: Turkse steen

Plafond: Extra mat Marmerwit Muren: Turkse steen

Kleuren: Yang, Geiser

Kleuren: Yang, Geiser

Kleuren: Retrogroen, Diva, Chewing gum

Bright colours work to soften an industrial loft-style space.