Maken: bijzondere mok met hart

DIY Craft Project: Sharpie Mug Tutorial - Custom heart handle mugs that require no artistic ability or transfers! If you can trace and make dots you can make these mugs! Learn the easy hack! Uses oil based Sharpie paint pens that are baked on.

photos yeux fermés j'ai rêvé que + dessin dans les ronds fond encre craie grasse + perfo ronds

Head full of ideas. Have students paint their backgrounds and afterwards take their picture of looking amazed. Partner along with What to do with an idea book

les petites têtes de l'art

small heads of art: Take off small butterflies Monday . (after Louise Richardson)

father's day idea: desktop planter or grandparent gift

Homemade by jill: father's day idea: desktop planter. Small pictures of kids (about 2 inches tall), laminated them so they wouldn't get wet, stuck them on a toothpick.

children's art studios | Nest Studio: A peak at the children's street art

The studio will be closed from April 9 - April 25 (I am taking the family on a holiday.) so I thought I would share a sneaky photo of the street art in progress that.

Een combinatie van een foto en een kindertekening. Door michouvandonk

Layer your child's art over their photo! I love the idea of painting rainbows in the sky. I will probably never photoshop, but i love the idea :)

Strijkkralen, hamabeads

Zomers armbandje van strijkkralen

Projet d'arts plastiques pour les 3e année et plus. Il est réalisable avec les plus petits... il faut seulement plus de supervision. :) MON gros coup de coeur pour la St-Valentin. Vous aurez besoin de crayon de bois noir et de feutres de couleurs. Pour finaliser, un peu de gouache en pain. Vos élèves auront un auto portrait d'eux soufflant des coeurs. Un vent d'amour se lève !:

Fête des mères: Un vent d'amour! Plan de cours en français. Fêtes des mères

I have no idea how to speak French or what this lesson is about, but I think I could recreate something like this with my art kids!

5 easy & thoughtful ideas for teacher appreciation week--great ideas for paying it forward to colleagues!

5 easy & thoughtful ideas for teacher appreciation week

Cute idea for a craft to do with the kids at the end of the school year :) Teacher appreciation

Give a dollar store photo frame a homemade twist. Using an old toilet paper roll and some paint, give mom a modern frame or decorate with glitter for a more fabulous look.

fotoslinger in een doosje, eenvoudig en leuk je foto`s opbergen. Leuk om cadeau te geven of om als uitnodiging te maken

Rounded photo gift box with your messages. Great gifts for any one in your life.

tekst beetje aanpassen; een knuffel of een zoen, zullen we dat maar doen?

tekst beetje aanpassen; een knuffel of een zoen, zullen we dat maar doen?