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Collage of hyacinth flowers. Flower Symbol, Hyacinth, Spring Garden, Bright Colors, Glass Vase, Scent, Symbols, Stunning, Shapes
Hyacinth – Symbol Sage
A favorite of the spring garden, hyacinth is known for its beauty and stunning colors. Shaped like tiny bells, the hyacinth is favored for its scent and bright colors. #spring #garden #beauty #bells #symbolsage
Symbolism of hyacinth flowers in different colours. Dream Meanings, Flower Meanings, White Hyacinth, Herbal Magic, Language Of Flowers, Mischief, Pretty Words, Forgiveness
Hyacinth Symbolism – Symbol Sage
If you plan to give a bouquet of hyacinths as a gift, you might want to make sure it represents your message. The symbolic meaning of the flower is determined by its color. White hyacinth symbolizes beauty and loveliness. Pink hyacinth symbolizes joy and mischief. Purple hyacinth symbolizes forgiveness and regret. Blue hyacinth symbolizes constancy. Yellow hyacinth symbolizes jealousy. #beauty #joy #gift #flowers #symbolsage
Symbolism of iris flowers. Plant Meanings, Purple Iris, Blue And Purple, Plant Symbolism, Purple Meaning, Japanese Meaning, Japan Image, Love Articles
Iris Symbolism – Symbol Sage
Irises come in a range of colors, although the blue-purple variety is the most popular. It symbolizes wisdom, friendship, faith, hope, passion, and purity. #faith #hope #friendship #passion #symbolsage
Collage of iris flowers. White Accents, Purple, Pink, Blue, Iris, Petals, Meant To Be, Accented
Iris – Symbol Sage
One of the most recognizable flowers, iris often features bluish-purple petals with contrasting yellow and white accents—but it comes in a variety of colors including yellow, pink, orange, brown, black and white. #blue #purple #colorful #iris #symbolsage
Collage of sweet william flowers. Beautiful Flowers Photos, Beautiful Flower Arrangements, Flower Photos, Flowers Nature, Purple Flowers, Spring Flowers, Flower Care, My Flower, Sweet William Flowers
Sweet William Symbolism – Symbol Sage
A distinct flower because of its fringed petals, the Sweet William is considered the flower of the gods. The beautiful flower comes in different colors and patterns and is one of the very few blossoms that are associated with masculinity. #gods #beautiful #flowers #masculinity #symbolsage
Symbolism of myrtle flowers. Myrtle Flower, Handmade Embroidery Designs, Strawberry Fields, Prosperity, Gardening Tips, Sage
Myrtle Symbolism – Symbol Sage
Flowers can have different symbolic meanings and the myrtle has its fair share. Some of the most common symbolic associations of the myrtle are wealth, prosperity, innocence, fidelity, and luck. #luck #wealth #innocence #prosperity #symbolsage
Symbolism of sweet william flowers. William Meaning, Herb Garden, Beautiful Flowers, Herbs
Sweet William – Symbol Sage
The flower was named after William Augustus, the Duke of Cumberland, who led the British forces against the Jacobites in 1746. Sweet Williams are associated with masculinity, gallantry, and courage. #british #duke #courage #masculinity #symbolsage
Collage of myrtle flowers. Crepe Myrtle, Cosmetics Industry, Purity, Around The Worlds, Myths
Myrtle – Symbol Sage
Colorful, beautiful, and powerful yet small, the myrtle flower is a symbol of innocence and purity. Well regarded in cultures all around the world, it’s steeped in symbolism, myths, and history. The myrtle is cultivated for ornamental purposes, as well as a source of priceless aromatic oils used in the cosmetic industry. #innocence #purity #colorful #powerful #symbolsage
Symbolism of lily flowers. Most Popular Flowers, Ancient Symbols, Summer Garden, Wedding Flowers
Lily Symbolism – Symbol Sage
Once a potent ancient symbol, lilies remain a representation of purity, passion, and happiness. They’re one of the most beloved flowers for weddings and celebrations, and a perfect addition in summer gardens. #summer #garden #wedding #celebration #symbolsage
Collage of lily flowers. Trumpet, Vibrant Colors, Lilies, Fragrance, Culture, Literary
Lily – Symbol Sage
Known for its vibrant color and intoxicating fragrance, lilies are trumpet-shaped flowers with narrow leaves. Lilies are among the most popular flowers with history, and cultural and literary references going back hundreds of years. #vibrant #lily #fragrance #flowers #symbolsage
Symbolism of gladiolus flowers. Gladiolus, Remembrance, Ideal Gift, Bloom, Floral
Gladiolus Symbolism – Symbol Sage
The gladiolus has become associated with various folklore and rituals in different cultures and regions. Some of the symbolic meanings of the flower are love, strength, sincerity, remembrance, and moral integrity. #love #strength #sincerity #integrity #symbolsage
Collage of gladiolus flowers. Gladiolus Flower, Dramatic, Sword
Gladiolus – Symbol Sage
One of summer’s most bountiful flowers, gladiolus is known for its dramatic stalks of brightly colored blooms, with frilled or ruffled petals and sword-like leaves. #summer #flowers #bright #colorful #symbolsage
Symbolism of lily-of-the-valley flowers. Red Berries, Lily Of The Valley, Delicate
Lily-of-the-Valley Symbolism – Symbol Sage
The lily-of-the-valley has gained various meanings, some related to its shape while others derive from various beliefs and superstitions. Some of them are purity, sweetness, trustworthiness, and good luck. #purity #sweet #luck #modesty #symbolsage
Collage of lily-of-the-valley flowers. Bible Meaning, Royal Brides, Delicate Flower, Red Orange
Lily-of-the-Valley – Symbol Sage
Known for its bell-shaped white blooms, lily-of-the-valley is a classic spring flower with glossy leaves and small orange-red berries. #spring #flower #classic #white #symbolsage
Symbolism of different types of leaves. Tree Meanings, Ginko Leaves Meaning, Maple Leaf Meaning, Leaves Name, Big Leaves, Yellow Leaves, Maple Leaves
Symbolic Meaning of Different Types of Leaves – Symbol Sage
Aside from the color of leaves, it is also important to take note of the kind and species of leaves because different kinds of leaves carry different meanings and symbols with them. Canadian maple leaves typically denotes wisdom and connection. Mint laves symbolizes wisdom and hospitality. Rosemary represents remembrance of one’s greatest friendships, love affairs, and experience. Aloe leaf symbolizes healing and protection. #healing #life #wisdom #change #symbolsage
Symbolism of different colored leaves. Leaf Symbol, Hope For The Future, Detachment, Life Cycles, Inevitable, New Beginnings, Decay, Plants
What Do Leaves Symbolize? – Symbol Sage
As leaves follow a regular life cycle, they come in different colors that reflect how far along they are in terms of the inevitable aging of all living things. Green leaves represent abundance and the flourishing of life. Brown leaves symbolize death, decay, mourning, detachment, and endings. Golden leaves symbolize new beginnings and hope for the future. #health #life #hope #leaves #symbolsage
Leaves. Leaves Meaning, Book Of Shadow, Magnolia Leaves, Spiritual Meaning, Oak Leaves, Leaf Tattoos
Symbolism of Leaves – Symbol Sage
Leaves are one of the most mundane yet significant things of nature and of humankind. We use leaves for food, paper, clothing, medicine, and many other things but apart from practical uses, leaves also have acquired symbolic interpretations over time. #leaves #nature #plant #green #symbolsage
Meaning of different colored carnations. Carnation Flower Meaning, Carnation Flower Tattoo, Red Carnation, Flower Bouqet, Pretty Plants, Pretty Flowers, Colorful Flowers, Yellow Carnations, Flower Tattoo Meanings
Secret Language of Carnations – Symbol Sage
During the Victorian Era, flowers were used to represent words that couldn't be spoken out loud. The carnation was commonly used for secret messages. #secret #victorian #language #carnations #symbolsage
List of carnation symbolism. Simple Flowers, Adoration
Carnation Symbolism – Symbol Sage
Carnations have different meanings, representations, and symbolism depending on its color. Generally, it signifies love, but it can also mean fondness, gratitude, and adoration. #gratitude #love #affection #luck #symbolsage
Collage of carnation flowers. Carnations, Floral Bouquets, Crochet Flowers, Occasion
Carnation – Symbol Sage
One of the most popular flowers ever, carnations have been cultivated for over 2000 years. They come in a variety of colors, each with its own symbolism. Carnations are connected to many ancient and religious myths. Today, the flower is popular in bridal and floral bouquets, as well as in floral decorations for a variety of occasions. #carnation #colorful #bridal #floral #symbolsage
List of pineapple symbolism. Pineapple Symbolism, Juicy Fruit, Chinese New Year, Feminism, Over The Years, Newyear
What Do Pineapples Symbolize? – Symbol Sage
The pineapple has predominantly been used as a symbol of hospitality. However, there are several other symbolic meanings associated with the fruit such as status, luxury, welcome, Hawaii, and feminism. #hawaii #feminism #luxury #friendship #symbolsage
Pineapples. Pineapple Meaning, Image Symbols, Unique Fruit, Lucky Symbols, Lucky Bamboo, Unalome
Symbolic Meaning of Pineapple – Symbol Sage
Pineapples are among the most unique fruits, with their spikey exterior, many eyes and sweet, delicious insides. While the symbolism and meaning of the fruit has changed over time, its popularity hasn’t. It remains one of the most consumed fruits. #pineapples #fruit #plant #nature #symbolsage
List of apple symbolism. Christian Mythology, Ancient Myths, Ancient Greek, All Fruits, Fertility, Lust, Sensual
Apple Symbolism – Symbol Sage
The apple’s symbolism dates back to ancient Greek times and is typically connected to emotions of the heart. These include love, lust, sensuality and affection. They also symbolize fertility, beauty, and knowledge. #love #beauty #heart #knowledge #symbolsage
Apples. Apple Meaning, Apple Tattoo, Greek Symbol, Apple Flowers, Red Apple, Natural World
Symbolism of Apples – Symbol Sage
Apples have played a significant and often symbolic role in many ancient myths, fairytales and stories. There’s something about this fruit that sets it apart from others, making it a prominent motif and a meaningful product of the natural world. #apples #fruits #nature #plants #symbolsage
Symbolism of stephanotis flowers. Popular Flowers, Wedding Bouquets, Wedding Stuff, Sweet Scents, Couples In Love
Stephanotis Symbolism – Symbol Sage
When choosing the perfect wedding flowers, symbolic meanings are sometimes more important than aesthetic appeal. Fortunately, stephanotis represents marriage itself. Some of its meanings are purity, good fortune, luck, a new chapter, desire for new adventures, good wishes, joy, and happiness in marriage. #purity #luck #joy #fortune #symbolsage
Collage of stephanotis flowers. Popular Wedding, Green Leaves, Dark Green
Stephanotis – Symbol Sage
Known for its dark green leaves and short-stalked flowers, stephanotis has long been cherished for its beauty and sweet scent. #wedding #flowers #beauty #blooms #symbolsage
Symbolism of tulip flowers. Pink Tulips Bouquet, Tulips Art, Tulips Flowers, Tulip Flower Pictures, Tulips Images, Red Tulips Garden, Spring Tulips, Best Flower Wallpaper, Beautiful Flowers Wallpapers
Tulip Symbolism – Symbol Sage
Tulips have captivated us for generations, and their symbolism allows us to say a lot without speaking a word. Some of these meanings are love, rebirth, new beginnings, prosperity, and good luck. #love #luck #prosperity #rebirth #symbolsage
Collage of tulip flowers. Tulips Meaning, Vivid, Tableware
Tulip – Symbol Sage
Known for their vivid, bright colors and beautiful shape, tulips are among the most popular flowers and are garden favorites. #tulip #garden #vivid #bright #symbolsage
Symbolism of ranunculus flowers. Beautiful Wedding Flowers, Beautiful Weddings, Ranunculus, Sentimental, Special Occasion, Bouquet
What Do Ranunculus Symbolize? – Symbol Sage
Ranunculus symbolizes charm, attraction, and romantic sentiments. The ranunculus makes a perfect gift at any time of the year, including birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, special occasions, and other celebrations. #spring #garden #charm #romance #symbolsage
Collage of ranunculus flowers. Romantic, Layers, Ruffled
Ranunculus – Symbol Sage
Known for its romantic flair, ranunculus commonly features huge round blooms with layers of beautifully ruffled petals, making it a bouquet favorite. However, these flowers have numerous kinds and vary in appearance. #romantic #blooms #bouquet #flowers #symbolsage