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a group of people standing on top of a basketball court next to a park bench
(2015-05) Hvad laver de i parken?
the family is getting ready to go camping in their car with their dogs and cats
Latest Highlights' hidden pictures with Heidi and Zeke
op vakantie?
an image of a family getting out of the car
Color — Chuck Dillon
a group of people sitting around a table eating food
Color — Chuck Dillon
Color — Chuck Dillon
an image of a family gathering at the dinner table for their first birthday party, illustration by person
Estar + Gerundio
Utilizamos ESTAR + Gerundio para hablar de acciones que se están desarrollando en un preciso momento (AHORA) o lo que están haciendo los personajes en una imagen (cuadro, fotografía, dibujo)....
an image of people walking around in the park with buses and cars on the road
Describe the scene
Praatplaat stad voor kleuters// ¿Qué están haciendo?
a painting of people and cars on a busy city street with buses, pedestrians and bicycles
het is druk op straat
er is veel verkeer op straat - zeggen wat je ziet