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a person is painting clouds on a piece of paper
Printmaking Ideas for Kids -
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an image of clouds with rain coming from them
I ♥ Etsy - Eloise Renouf
many windows and balconies are shown in different colors
an old castle sitting on top of a river next to a lush green forest filled with trees
creativelolo Shop | Redbubble
Vajdahunyad Castle, Budapest, Hungary |
a pink and white building with a clock tower
Pink Building in Poznan Poland - Entouriste
Ik vertrek....
an old brick house with colorful balconies and flowers on the balcony, surrounded by greenery
*Idk where this is, but I love the mix and match of bright colors!
an apartment building with plants growing on the balconies and windows that are lit up at night
La nuova opera di Boeri: la torre residenziale sempreverde in Svizzera
torre dei cedri di boeri
two pictures with different colors and shapes on them, one is made out of glass
Custom Aquariums, Fish Tanks, Koi Ponds | Okeanos Aquascaping NYC
Live in a Giant Sea Shell with the Breathtaking Nautilus House
an aerial view of a building with plants growing on the walls
Japan's Namba Parks Has an 8-Level Roof Garden with Waterfalls
Namba Parks is a shopping complex located in Osaka, Japan. Consists of a 30-storey office tower called Parks Tower and a 120-tenant shopping mall. The building is mostly focused on bring a little green into the concrete and metal city.
the reflection of an old building in a pool with trees and rocks on it's side
Merida, Mexico - Pinlovely
Fascinating Merida, Mexico.
a large building sitting next to a body of water
10 Colorful Buildings You Need to Know by Michael Graves
Michael Graves Architecture Photos | Architectural Digest
a building made out of multiple colored blocks
La Muralla Roja (Red Wall). Housing Project in Calpe, Spain. Spanish architect Richardo Bofil.1968
three different views of the house in the woods
This Curvaceous Wooden House Sits Among The Trees
Architecture and interior design firm Malan Vorster, have designed the House Paarman Tree House in Cape Town, South Africa.
the building has many windows and is very unusual
Ivy League Tour in New England - Itinerary for Visiting Ivy League Colleges
Frank Gehry building, Cambridge, MA at MIT