Crayon Art... now this is even cooler than the other kind of crayon art!

11 Rainy Day DIY Activities for Kids

DIY: Crayon Art Tutorial - using a blow dryer, melt crayons onto a canvas. Great way to use brokn crayons! This would be a fun addition to the kiddo's room! This would be a fun addition to the kiddo's room!

Easter | Make these creative DIY Easter Bunny Bread Bowls. Perfect for your Easter Dinner and a great way to make a fun Easter Table. Step-by-step tutorial.

Easter Bunny Bread Bowl

How to make creative DIY Easter Bunny Bread Bowls. Perfect for your Easter dinner and a great way to make a fun Easter table. Step-by-step tutorial. by sheena

The BEST recipe for gingerbread cookies. My family has been using it for years! | from

Gingerbread Cookies Recipe for Perfect Gingerbread Men!

The easiest recipe for perfect gingerbread men and other cutout cookies! Easy to work with dough. No shortening, so used 1 cup butter. Used cup white sugar and 1 cup coconut sugar.

DIY Glow-in-the-dark Slime recipe.

Homemade slime recipe 2 Elmer’s white glue bottles tablespoons glow in the dark paint Water Neon food coloring 1 teaspoon b. (Diy Slime Glow In The Dark)

diy valentine gift wrapping ideas paper candy box folding tutorial

Gifts - Selected by Koslopolis Magazine - homemade valentine gift wrapping ideas paper candy box

Step by step on drawing lips!

17 Diagrams That Will Help You Draw (Almost) Anything

Clothespin message {OMG super fun and easy! i'm going to leave these all over the house}

Clothespin Message

I love you clothes pins: Write a message with a FINE POINT sharpie so it doesn't smear. Write "I love you" on a paper. Cut it out, and hot glue it to the clothes pin end. Would be cute for a care package!

Makkelijke te maken met zoutdeeg - 2 kopjes bloem, 1 kopje zout, koud water. Mix totdat het op kinderklei lijkt. Bak op 250 graden voor 2 uur, dan af laten koelen en schilderen. Kan goed met duimprints van kinderen voor bijv moederdag!

Make easily with Salt Dough - 2 cups flour, 1 cup salt, cold water. Mix until has consistency of play dough. bake at 250 for 2 hours, then cool and paint. Good recipe for thumbprint pendants. really want to do this with the kids fingerprint.

eenvoudig uiltje met klei!

These would make the cutest ornaments! My Owl Barn: DIY: Clay Owl My granddaughter, Sarai, loves owls, so this will be a great Christmas ornament for her!

TABLE DECORating/ Napkin Folding 101 - 6 Designs, As the Great White Rabbit will soon be making his appearance and Spring n Summer are aroun...

TABLE DECORating/ Napkin Folding 101 S ALL designs do work better with linen or lightly starched napkins. (Memo: The lightweight Cotton Broadcloth fabric I used for these photos was NOT starched but still worked half decently.

Teken met een vaste stift op bakpapier, houd rond een kaars en verhit tot de afbeelding is verplaatst. Leuk als kadootje! (ook leuk als nieuwjaarsbrief)

Draw on wax paper with permanent markers, wrap around candle and heat until image is transferred. It would be great to do this for Mother's Day, or Teacher Appreciation Day - have kids draw on wax paper and give her a personalized candle.