More ideas from Tamara

Scott Hoying tickling Mitch Grassi Divvie clip >>Scott: Im stuck.

i cant decide if I should put this in my twenty one pilots board or panic board.<<Solution: Make a bands board for all the bands in the emo trinity and also others

YOU CAN"T JUST COVER PHILS Face Why does this keep happening to people?<<< I would rip that sticker off faster than a phan getting to a new DanAndPhilGames video

I aspire to be this good and maths and know how da fuck to use a calculator - you also need patience and I have

I ponder of something terrifying, cos this time there's no sound to hide behind to find over the course of human existence one thing consists of consistence and it's that we're all battling fear

imma start crafting guys don't quite understand my extreme love for phan, it's literally my entire life BUT THEN TROYLER <<< I made a very short fic about this on Named it Troyler Vs Phan if anyone's interested.