98 Pins
an old bookcase is painted blue and has been turned into a bookshelf
an old wooden bench with drawers on the top and bottom, sitting next to some buckets
a large wooden shelf sitting inside of a store
the pantry is stocked with all kinds of food
Check out what I found on Amazon! #ShopByInterest
Check out what I found on Amazon! #ShopByInterest
a kitchen with gray cabinets and wooden floors
the shelves are filled with many different types of food and items for sale in front of them
Finding Equipment: Greensgrow Farms in Philadelphia
I want this cabinet. Seems like a cool place if you are in the Philly area
a large metal rack filled with lots of glass jars
Don’t store empty jars.
the shelves are filled with clear plastic containers
Canning Jar Closet
Lucindaville: Canning Jar Closet
a wall full of glass jars in front of a door