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Tamara van Alphen
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Beyonce - Partition Music Video  link

One thing is particularly clear from Beyoncé’s fifth and latest album: she and Jay-Z have phenomenal sex. So phenomenal, in fact, that commoners like you and I may have trouble even understanding all of the sexual euphemisms Beyoncé employs throughou…

He's been so good. He deserves some sprinkles ️LO

I love donuts with Sprinkles on it but I Love this even better. Can you imagine waking up on a Saturday morning and having your sprinkles presented to you on a nice sexy Ass. How much better can it get.

This Doctor Who quote really speaks to you. | 20 Ways You Know You Are An Optimist

I am and always will be the optimist. The hoper of far-flung hopes. The dream of improbably dreams. --Thinking of getting "Dreamer" as a tattoo on my wrist. If my wrist were bigger I would consider "Optimist, Hoper, Dreamer"