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Art Classroom Lessons & Ideas

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5 Classroom Mistakes | Teacher shouts at kids | Classroom Management | N...
A Simple Trick to Make Time for Each of Your Students

General Curriculumn

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How To Make an Easy Origami Butterfly (in 3 MINUTES!) - YouTube
33 Out of the Box Activities with Drinking Straws for Kids
Tin foil, yarn, cardboard, and sharpies. This makes a cool low relief sculpture. Start by teaching about line variations, and color schemes (monochromatic, analogous, etc.). Cool project for 6-7th grade.

Abstract Art

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Art with Mrs. Seitz: 1st Grade
Colorful Painted Owl Art Project | Deep Space Sparkle
23 Ideas art projects for kids winter children for 2019 #art #children

Animals & Birds

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Candy - Short Stop Motion Film
Fresh Guacamole by PES | Oscar Nominated Short
The Bear Who Stared We just finished reading this book about a bear who liked to stare. The curious bear just wants to make friends, but he keeps scaring them off with his uncomfortable staring. The bear doesn't mean to be rude. He is just shy and soon learns from a green frog that staring isn't polite and that a smile is a much better way to make friends. We made a small stop-motion of The Bear Who Stared using painted cutout pieces of paper that eventually form the bear character. You can also


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that artist woman: Fall Projects
Paintbrush Rocket: Ton Schulten 3rd Grade Cityscapes
Cassie Stephens: In the Art Room: Printmaking Made Easy!


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t shirts for art teachers - Google Search
Gannett Peak centers-based art studio classroom video
I like this free draw area. I found that admin. didn't appreciate "free" drawing, but were much more keen on "practice" drawing.

Art Centers--TAB

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Which Of These Objects Is Actually A Cake?
Fun Test: Which is Real? Vol 10
Moana How Far I'll Go Lyrics Auli'i Cravalho

Art Games

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Your kids can learn about the daily life, pharaohs, religion, and pyramids of ancient Egypt from these short videos. #homeschool #history

Art History

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a faithful attempt
The Lascaux Cave is famous for its Palaeolithic cave paintings, found in a complex of caves in southwestern France, because of the exceptional quality, size, sophistication and antiquity of the cave art.
Cave Painting Art Lesson

Cave & Rock Art

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we heart art: EZPZ Gingerbread Houses

Christmas Specific

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Cultures of the World

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Art in Motion | Exquisite Corpse with Sandeep Johal
Kids arts and crafts: use cutouts from magazines, books, old cards and glue to paper for kids to finish drawing. Can even add multiple cutouts to one paper to make it more challenging.
monthly free draw challenge activities -- or make into a journal to complete for each child by end of year?

Drawing Games

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A few weeks ago I was contacted by a representative of Prang.  She asked if I would be willing to try out and compare some of their art mate...

Elements & Principles--General

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Elements & Principles -- Balance & Unity

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Color Mixing with Kindergarten | TeachKidsArt
Kindergarten Color Mixing Rainbows

Elements & Principles -- Color

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Elements & Principles -- Contrast & Emphasis

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Drawing and Coloring Art Activities for Kids and Adults | OOLY
The Art of Ed - 10 Concepts Every Intro to Art Course Should Cover

Elements & Principles--Line & Pattern

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Elements & Principles -- Rhythm & Repetition

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Kids Try Pizza Battle! New York Thin Crust vs. Chicago Deep Dish | Kids ...
How to Make a Hamburger Sculpture | Snacktastic Chefs Week
Pizza the size of the sun

Elements & Principles --Shape

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Elements & Principles-- Space

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The Texture Song | Art Songs | Scratch Garden
Learn Textures for Kids
The Texture Song | Art Songs | Scratch Garden

Elements & Principles--Texture

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How to Shade with PENCIL for BEGINNERS
Forever in Fifth Grade: Free Your Time Blog Hop and Giveaway!

Elements & Principles-- Value & Form

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Tessellations. What is a tessellation pattern? Part 1.
Art All Around Us Scavenger Hunt - Seussville
Aminah's World


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Now you see it- now you don’t! So long beautiful dot display! You’ve had a good run! But now it’s on to art show decor  • Thank you to my…
This is great!! emphasizes color and texturestudents handcrafted each unique  2019  This is great!! emphasizes color and texturestudents handcrafted each unique button and sewed their individual circles together with embroidery thread  The post This is great!! emphasizes color and texturestudents handcrafted each unique  2019 appeared first on Clay ideas.

Collaborative Projects

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Art Room Britt
Giuseppe Arcimboldo Fruit Art, paintings - seasons, elements, librarian,...
Airedale Terrier Dog Art Title: Airedale Terrier #020903 Size: 10" x 10" (available in larger sizes up to 50" x 50" - see sizing options above) Medium: Fine art giclee print on gallery wrapped canvas Dog Art Canvas Prints by Michel Keck All of Michel Keck's dog art canvas prints are available in a wide variety of sizes. We can create custom sizes specific to your needs. If you need a dog art canvas print in a specific size not shown in this listing please do not hesitate to call or email us for


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