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Legolas is always hilarious, in the books and the movies. But you have to give the credit to Tolkien; LotR and The Hobbit are hilarious books if you think about it.

My babies!

They are dating and Magnus is just clueless(remember the books are from his point of view) so Blitzen and Hearthstone are absolutely dating you say otherwise and you are lying.>> I ship Blitzstone but it makes me sad for Inge

My OTP has been mentioned!

op means that there isn't a subplot for Magnus but I agree w blitzstone

Did you see this?

I haven't read those books yet and its driving me crazy!

HE FLIRTED WITH FREY! There will be blood.

HE FLIRTED WITH FREY! There will be blood.<<<<I'm just waiting for Apollo to try flirting with Alex and just immediately getting punched

Magnus Chase dissing Riptide.

I got and finished the third book yesterday in about 5 hours.