Daddy and baby photo. Makes my heart melt.


Un arbre qui pousse dans la pierre : quand on veut, on peut ! A tree growing in stone: when we want, we can!


I'm a lion, calm and collected

Day's end. Making that hopeful call. Strange how evolution has progressed from this to the mobile phone and ipad!

Wolf in forest - maybe as an oil pastel. This is so beautiful.

a peaceful morning, smell of dried leaves, earth and of wood burning

Fall knock on my door

Don't always follow orders and go with the crowd when you know they are dead wrong. This soldier is risking his life. Fuck the SS and Hitler he says to himself.

The Unthinkable Hero

Funny pictures about The Unthinkable Hero. Oh, and cool pics about The Unthinkable Hero. Also, The Unthinkable Hero photos.

Husband's voice calms his wife who has Alzheimer's so he recorded a message for a Build-a-Bear. Love.

Husband's voice calms his wife who has Alzheimer's so he recorded a message for a Build-a-Bear. This way she can hear his voice any time. True love never ends.

☆ 40 Years Later » Homeless man asked me what I was doing, I said taking pictures of interesting things. He said, you're not taking pictures of me are you, I said no no... He said, "I haven't had my picture taken in 40 years."I said, well that's not good, you don't have any history of yourself over that time. All of a sudden, he took off his cap stood in front of me and said, "go ahead, take my picture".I said sure... and here it is .:¦:. Photgrapher Mark M ☆

Homeless man - "go ahead, take my picture"

Faith In Humanity Restored - 16 Pics

You don't have to have special talents, super skills, fabulous wealth or anything special to share simple kindness every single day.

A world opens......when you open a book.

Les livres sont des miroirs, et l’on y voit que ce qu’on porte en soi-même. Carlos Ruiz Zafón Books are mirrors, and we see there that what we carry in oneself.

perfect kinda night for me:)

Summer nights and Bon fires

A romantic reunion in the rain. Awww. BUT WHERE ARE THEIR SHOES?

I will kiss in the rain before i die! It must happen! So romantic.

barefoot in the rain

I'm tired of looking for the silver lining. I'm going to dance barefoot in the rain. Hello clouds, welcome to my party.

Absolutely beautiful; brings tears to my eyes.

Coming home and feeling the baby bump for the first time. So much love. Such a sweet photo.

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Owl protecting his princess - Katerina Plotnikova Photography

cemetery gates

Love the color in this abandoned place. Also fits in a photography board.