The Lunar Phases Talisman - A Rare and Genuine Moon Talisman that is also a Lunar Calendar!

The+Lunar+Phases+Talisman+(*Sold+Out!*)+-+A+Rare+and+Genuine+Moon+Talisman+that+is+also+a+Lunar+Calendar!+The+Lunar+Phases+Talisman A+rare+and+genuine+Moon+Talisman Another+unique+creation+designed+in+collaboration+with+our+astrologer+Michael+Ofek.

Dragon Chest

Celtic Dragon Hinged Jewelry Trinket Box - This beautiful trinket box combines intricate Celtic knot work with a highly detailed dragon. Any Celtic lass will love to store her treasures here.

ouška (jsem se nějak rozjela :D začínám mít pochopení pro opakované svatby po rozvodech)

Elven ears (a pair). LOTR Jewelry LOTR elf ears elf earrings no piercing earrings wire ear cuff elf ear wrap Cosplay jewelry Vairë Elf Ears elf ear cuff fairy ears elven ears Elfen-Ohrschmuck elven jewelry USD

Persephone's locket. I am in love with this!

Bronze, silver, and garnet pomegranate necklace from WingedLion on Etsy. I love eating pomegranates, Idk about wearing them. This is super neat though.

Steampunk Tendencies | The Victorian Steampunk Computer by Dr. Avius Anakron and the Steampunk mountain crafters New Group : Come to share, promote your art, your event, meet new people, crafters, artists, performers..

Victorian computer by Dr Avius Anacron and the Steampunk Mountain Crafters

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