handige tips

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From shoe box to organizer

Could totally organize my daughter's desk using shoe boxes from having a shoe fetish haha.I knew all that shoe buying would come in handy :) could use my son's smaller shoe boxes for mini organizers for his coloring books!

Elastiekje om het zeeppompje om te voorkomen dat kinderen steeds teveel zeep pakken.

Mangum, I thought of you when I saw this. Great idea for school. Use a strong hair tie on a soap dispenser to eliminate using too much hand sanitizer!//For soap in the kids bathroom.



Monster pennenpakjes (DIY)

DIY Shampoo Bottle Monster Pencil Holder - fun craft to do with your kids! Turn those old shampoo bottles into something useful!

kleding roller om glitters op te ruimen, wat handig!

Lint Roller as Glitter Picker-Upper. Clean up glitter (and tiny pieces of construction paper) Why haven't I thought of this? I have fifty million lint rollers around