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1. Draw bees in pencil, filling the paper with profile and overhead views. 2. Trace the drawing with a black Sharpie marker. Fill in the stripes and head with a chisel tip Sharpie marker. 3. Use a white crayon to draw lots of broken lines in the wings. 4. Paint the background one color, going over the wings of the bees. 5. Paint the yellow bodies.


slippers voor de zomer - knutselen, terug naar school

JUF-STUFF kiekjes van mijn vakantie.pdf

Easel and blank canvas... would be a cute cover for an art folder. You can fill it with how to draw different things &/or the coloring pages of famous works of art.

Blowing Lines how to: Take a picture of each child's side profile blowing (black and white). Have them cut it out. Next, let them get creative by drawing unique lines in various materials (crayons, colored pencils, markers, and paint).

Click Clack Moo! You could add a typewriter in the background. Drawing the Cow We drew in oil pastel and painted with liquid tempera paints. The head as that’s the hardest part. draw 2 dots for the eyes, then a horizontal line over the head with little droopy ears at the end of the line. Add two horns then connect the ears with a big letter “U” for the face. At the bottom of the face, add a square with two nostrils.


Les bulles dair - Site de partage pour PE

kikker tekenen met kleuters EN ANDERE TEKENSCHEMA'S OP

Olifant tekenen met kleuters / desenhando+animais

Ballonnen in de lucht - overlapping