Tonnie Dienjes

Tonnie Dienjes

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I love the flowers and the lace combination. I saw a beautiful shoulder piece like this, too.

There is nothing sexier than women with sleeve tattoos. Here are 43 of the most breathtaking sleeve tattoos for women on the internet. Enjoy!

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This healthy tuna stuffed avocado is full of southwestern flavors with tuna, red bell pepper, jalapeno, cilantro, and lime.

Chimichurri Sauce - Easy to make in the food processor or blender, and it's full of easy, fresh, and delicious ingredients, and it's perfect for topping seafood, steak, veggies, or whatever sounds good.

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Love this Glen Preece on Instagram: “Here's a floral piece I didn't so lengthy again, my buyer needed a canopy up of her previous tattoo so we did some laser removing first to fade…”

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