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Pre-K Daily Review Sheets  180 review sheets featuring: 26 letters & 30 numbers, patterns, addition & subtraction, scissor skills, number order, word families, and more!! Have your child or student complete one worksheet a day for year round review & practice.
80+ Super Cute Free Valentine gift tags Printable 17
This article explores the top ten trends currently shaping STEM education, offering insights into the future of this vital field.


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Body-Shock: 11 Things No One Tells You About Your Post-Delivery Body - Love, Liliya
Elevate your creativity with EduCreator's Toolbox! As a member, enjoy a constant flow of inspiration with new templates added monthly. Keep your creations fresh, innovative, and ready to capture the attention of educators worldwide.
Confused about pricing on TpT? Join us on a journey through effective pricing strategies. From avoiding the race to the bottom to setting values based on market trends, this guide empowers you to make informed decisions. Let's ensure your products shine at the right price!


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Social anxiety can be daunting. But, it doesn't have to be! Take a look at these eight safe conversation starters that will have introverts owning the room in no time. #introvert #extrovert #ambivert #conversation
If you've been thinking about preventing stretch marks, here you will get the best pregnancy oil! - before birth, after birth, first time pregnancy tips
#girlmom #baby3 #3rdgirl

Volunteer Work

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Cardio Yoga Class ~ 28 Minutes | Power Vinyasa Flow. In this cardio focused power vinyasa yoga class get a full-body workout and stretch while flowing through chair twists, drinking bird, warrior 1, humble warrior, warrior 2, warrior 3, standing splits, half moon, sugar cane and extended side angle poses. QUOTE THEME: "Do everything as if it were the only thing in the world that mattered." Pema Chodron


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Camo Tote Bag, Cute Weekender Bag, Camouflage Tote Bag, Weekender Bag Pattern, Weekender Bag Rope Handles, City Tote Bag, Daily Tote Bag - Etsy
Striped beach tote - Etsy
Coquette Shirt, Tennis Mom Tshirt, Tennis Mom's Social Club, Ballerina Competition Gift For Sports Mom, Team Sports Shirt, Comp Mama Tees by CuteTrendyHoodies on Etsy


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Scents in your home How to keep your home smelling nice. - MrsChettyLife

Plastic-free July Zero waste

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Our Lemon Baby Milestone Cards offer a zesty twist to capturing your baby's growth month by month. Just like every little one's unique journey, no two moments are alike, and these gender-neutral, lemon-adorned cards make each milestone a sweet memory. The set includes 6 double-sided discs, covering each precious month from 1 to 12. Crafted to complement your baby's bright moments with a dash of citrus charm, these 4" round wooden discs come with a storage bag and the option to personalize a 7th card. Perfect for baby photos, they're a joyful way to remember the journey from sour lemon faces to sweet smiles!
Announce the arrival of your little one in style with our 'I'm Here' Birth Announcement Disc. This charming wooden disc is the perfect addition to your newborn's first photo, capturing the moment they enter the world. Lightweight and beautifully crafted, it comes with a storage bag for safekeeping. Choose from simple, botanical, or floral styles to match your baby's first photo shoot or fresh 48 sessions. This photo prop is not just a delightful announcement tool but also a keepsake you'll look back on fondly for years to come.
Set up camp on your bookshelf with these custom-made Camping Bookends, perfect for little Izzi's reading adventures. Handcrafted from solid wood with a non-skid base, they capture the spirit of outdoor adventures. Personalize this cozy nook with Izzi’s name, inspiring a lifetime of exploration and love for the great outdoors. #CampingDecor #PersonalizedBookends #NurseryBookshelf


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Italian inspired architecture at a small Toronto Based garden. Perfect family photography location. #photoshoot #familyphotography
With Women, Not the System. Follow me on Instagram. #birth #homebirth #laboranddelivery #naturalbirth #birthbelongstowomen #doula #birthdoula #postpartumdoula #doulasupport #birthsupport #birthteam #naturalbirth
Learn how to perfectly prepare for family photo shoots with these six essential tips. Discover the art of outfit and color planning, letting personalities shine, choosing the right location, getting haircuts, doing a final look-over, and the art of bribing kids for smiles. This guide is packed with practical advice to ensure your family photos capture all the love, joy, and unique personalities in your family, making these cherished moments last forever​.

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Weight loss motivation

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Search & Find Mega Bundle,20 Printable Puzzles For Kids.I Spy Games,Word Search,Games and Puzzles,Games For Kids,Party Games,Puzzles by COLORINGPAGESTR on Etsy

Fun Activities for kids

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DIASTASIS PREVENTION WITH KINESIO TAPING! This simple guide is great for someone like me who is brand new to it! Very descriptive and has a lot of good info!! Just be sure to get professional assistance for application!! | Pregnancy Tips | Diastasis Recti Prevention Treatment | #loveliliya
EVERYONE PREPARES YOU FOR DELIVERY DAY, not much is spoken about the days that follow. Here’s some of what you can expect! | Postpartum Recovery | #loveliliya

self care

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TheBrightestSide - Etsy
TheBrightestSide - Etsy
TheBrightestSide - Etsy


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Should you drink soda on diet? Check here!!

Weightloss Food

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A BABY CAN CAUSE TENSION BETWEEN MOTHERS AND GRANDMOTHERS, see what causes the most issues between the momma bears and how to avoid it so you could start benefitting from healthy relations!
Missed Period But Negative Pregnancy Test? There could be several reasons for it but before that let’s understand the scenario. An unexpected delayed period can be worrisome. No woman wants to get an unwanted pregnancy.


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We fight We argue  We sulk And so much time goes by... Wasted! Not realising our time here is limited anyway. We only have so much of it. If we waste it... we may end up with so little... Life is short And it's ment for living. #Mindset #quotestoliveby #quotesdaily #quotesaboutlife #lifeiswhatyoumakeit #gratitude #grateful #blessed #blessings #optimism #motherhood #sahm #momlife #parenting #sahmlife #mumlife #mindfulness #selfcare #selfimprovement #factsoflife #syress #love #lifequotes #mindful
The Tuesday Collective Topic this Tuesday..."Ducks" Are your ducks all lined up in a row? Are you ready to go? #thetuesdaycollective #quote #quotes #quoteoftheday #life #Motivationalquote #inspirationalquote #Mindset #art #selfcare #DesignChallenge #mindfulliving #Mindful #mindfulness #mindsetquotes #quotestoinspire #quoteoftheday #quotestoliveby #quotesdaily #quotestagram #quotesaboutlife #inspiredaily #inspire #inspiration #lifestyle #ducksinarow #ducks #ready #prepared #plan


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Galentine day balloons Cute balloon decor
Create a heart of gratitude in your children this Thanksgiving with these simple and impressionable activities. Discover the best ideas on how to help your kids be thankful!

Crafts for Kids

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Best Mother's Day Gift Idea. Touching Mother And Son Quotes To Celebrate The Special Bond. As a mom, if there is one man you love more than any other... he is your son. (Credit: IG@melanie.rae.miller)
Best Family Relationship Tip with Funny Slogan Tee for Son and mom! "I Get My Attitude From My Freaking Awesome Mom" Tee for men + "She’s sunshine mixed with a little hurricane" Tank Top!! Credit by IG@silverjudy20 with her son


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Parenting | Parents | Parent | Mom | Momming | Mom Advice | Parenting Advice | Kids | Children | Child | Raising Children | Raising a Child | Intoverted Parent | Extroverted Child | Raising Extroverted Child | Parent Struggles | Parent Problems | Mom Problems | Mom Struggles | Raising Kids | Parenting Kids | #parenting #kids #mom #momadvice #extrovert #introvert #child #children
Let’s paint a picture. Your child is just casually eating the food you prepared. Suddenly, you notice a little bit…
Are your children learning consequences? Do they accept responsibility for their actions? | Kids | Parenting Kids | Parenting Advice | Raising Kids | Raising Responsible Kids | Teaching Kids Responsibility | Teaching Kids | Parenting Mom | Parent | Parents | Family | Family Kids | Mom | Mom Life | Momming | Child | Raising a Child | #mom #child #kids #parenting #parentingadvice #responsibility

Relationship with children

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Unique baby girl names are a rage nowadays. That’s why we have brought a never-seen-before list of unique baby girl names and meanings for expecting parents.  Your baby’s name is something that will be totally your choice and will stay for the rest of your life with her. Studies have shown that a name’s meaning influences the character build-up of the child.
Mermaid 5th Birthday Invitation, Mermaid Birthday Invitation Electronic, Digital Mermaid Bday Invite, Mermaid Fifth Birthday Girl Invites
When it comes to finding the perfect middle name for Emma there are literally hundreds to choose from. So I've done the hard work for you and hand selected 200 beautiful middle names that go with Emma.


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I was shocked at how easy (and fun!) it was to start my own online boutique with no investment or inventory. Use my code to download the KOL app and join. You curate your favorite clothing styles and then can easily share them with friends--on social media, via text or in person. Work from home or work from your phone! You make a commission on every sale and get a huge discount yourself. Sign up here: http://kol.store/momcavetv (obviously, this is my affiliate link! ;-)
Parenting a teen is not a piece of cake. There are a lot of arguments, punishments, and boundaries involved but…

Working Moms

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TheBrightestSide - Etsy
TheBrightestSide - Etsy
You'll Always Be My Best-Tea Mug, Gift for Mom, Mother Daughter Gift, Gift from Daughter, Mother's Day, Mom's Bestie by BumpsBirthAndBeyond on Etsy

Gift for mother

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Just Be... Be You Be Still Be Calm Be Happy Be Kind Be... You can Just Be anything... So Be Your Best! #JustBe #beyourbestself #mindful #becalm #BeHappy #BeKind #beyourbest #meditation #meditate #kindness #kind #mindfulliving #Mindset #mindsetmatters #mindfulness #MindBodySpirit #quotesaboutlife #quotestoliveby #quotesdaily #quotes #hopequotes #faith #believe #believeinyourself #believeinyou #belief #hope
#hope #socialmedia #challenging #overwhelmed #overwhelm #overwhelming #singlehanded #alone #overworked #Creative #Create #contentcreator #lifestyleblog #lifestyle #selfcare #selfcarematters #break #art #artwork #writing #write #instaquotes #instadaily #facebookpage #consistent #mentalhealth #thoughtfulquotes #quotestoinspire #quoteoftheday #optimism
10 Ways to Build Confidence After Divorce | Divorce | Life After Divorce | Going Through A Divorce | Divorced | Divorced Mom | Divorced Woman | Divorce & Child Custody | Surviving Divorce | #divorce #lifeafterdivorce #gettingadivorce

Mental Health

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EATING TO LOSE WEIGHT is the best way to lose weight effectively while breastfeeding. Learn which foods will help you lose the weight while still maintaining your milk supply. Bonus weight loss tips included! | Breastfeeding Safe Diet | Weight Loss While Breastfeeding Without Harming Milk Supply | #loveliliya


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Hospital Bag Checklist, Hospital Bag Checklist Template, Birth Checklist for Pregnant Mom, Canva Template, Checklist for Hospital Birth by BumpsBirthAndBeyond on Etsy
TWO birth plan templates, create your own detailed birth plan for your upcoming birth.  A birth plan helps to clearly communicate your wishes. It's brief but comprehensive so that the medical staff is able to read it quickly.  These simple, one page birth plan templates can be edited in Canva (free account). Change fonts, colors, information, graphics, and more. Once edited to your liking, you can upload them to a PDF editor or simply print and fill out by hand. It is the perfect space for mother's to advocate their birthing preferences.  #birth #hospitalbirth #homebirth #birthsupport #pregnancy #birthplan #birthpreferences #birthprep #preparingforbirth #birtheducation #digitaldownload
Coming up with your birth intentions can help to set your up for an empowered, confident birth experience. Here you'll find a list of questions to consider when discovering your birth preferences.  #birthdoula #birthsupport #birthplan #intentionsetting #homebirth #hospitalbirth #laborsupport


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