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how to write a cookie policy
How to Write a Cookies Policy
Having a Cookies Policy is an easy way to stay legally compliant while keeping your users informed about your use of cookies. We'll show you how to create an effective Cookies Policy for your website and app.
a blue and yellow flyer with information about cookies
How to Write a Cookies Policy
Writing a Cookies Policy doesn't have to be difficult. It can help you comply with laws, and help your customers feel secure using your website. We'll show you step by step what to do.
cookies policy play button with the words gdrr cookies policy
GDPR Cookies Policy
Watch our short and informative video to learn about creating a GDPR-compliant Cookies Policy and what to include in yours.
how to do a cookie's adult account in microsoft office 365 - read more
How to Do a Cookies Audit
If your website or app uses cookies and has users in the EU, do this cookies audit to make sure you're not violating privacy laws.
four ways to notify your users about cookies
4 Ways to Notify Your Users About Cookies
Let your users know your website uses cookies by implementing one of these 4 methods.
the european flag with text that reads eu cookies directive read more about it here
EU Cookies Directive
If your website uses cookies, you need to know about this legal directive. We'll tell you everything you should know.
the generic privacy policy template is shown in this screenshote screen graber image
Generic Cookies Policy Template
Create your Cookies Policy today with the help of our popular template.
an info sheet with some information about cookies
Cookies Policy Template - TermsFeed
Creating a Cookies Policy? Check out our informative blog post and download our popular template here.
the cookie clause for your privacy policy is shown in blue and white with an image of a
Cookies Clauses for Your Privacy Policy
If you use cookies, you need to disclose this. If you aren't required to have a separate Cookies Policy, you can add these Cookie Clauses in your Privacy Policy.
the top ten things you need to know about cookies infographical poster with instructions
Cookie Consent Examples - TermsFeed
Privacy laws require you to disclose if you use cookies. Here are 4 easy ways to notify your users.
a blue background with the words generic items and conditions template on it, including an arrow pointing
Download our generic Cookies Policy template in PDF format and get started with creating your own compliant Cookies Policy today.
an info sheet describing the different types of aircrafts and their features in each section
How to do a Cookies Audit - TermsFeed
If your website uses cookies, make sure you do this quick but important Cookies Audit.
the general cookie policy template is displayed in this screenshote screengrafion
Download this Microsoft Word version of our Cookies Policy template and create your own custom Cookies Policy in just minutes.
an info sheet showing the different types of food and drink items in each section, including cookies
Cookies Policy Template - TermsFeed
Cookies laws are getting more and more strict every day. If your website/app uses cookies, you likely need to have a Cookies Policy. Use our template to create your policy today.
an advertisement for cookies that reads cookie classes for your privacy policy and how cookies are used
Cookie Clauses For Your Privacy Policy - TermsFeed
If you don't have or need a separate Cookies Policy, you can include a Cookie Clause in your Privacy Policy.