The Best Types of Paint To Use on Furniture

Furniture Paint- What type to use?

With furniture painting, there are MANY options when it comes to what paint to use. Here are some of the (water based) paints that are commonly… View the slideshow below …

How to Decorate Your Home with Pantone’s Rose Quartz and Serenity

How to Decorate with Pantone's Rose Quartz and Serenity - “Antoinette” paint; at Annie Sloan


Where in the Hell is this wooden chair gallery? I have spent countless hours online hunting old chairs For Sale to no avail!

painted chairs

Use these in kitchen where kids make a mess and the nice chairs I the dining room. Painted chairs - I have 6 chairs that look like these, in boring pine wood color, and love the idea to color them up!

Het koele blauw tempert de vrolijk gele wand, het koud-warm contrast brengt balans.

Slow Deco: Design to Last

Swedish design magazine Skona Hem has transferred the ideas of the Slow Food movement to nesting and coined the term Slow Deco — a healthy mix of old and new design classics mixed with Scandinavian antiques and locally sourced design


change color but great storage and shabby chic. I love the idea of taking the front doors off an old armoire and using it as an open cabinet.