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Stylish kid's dot wall transfers from Pom Le Bonhomme. These rose pink and gold vinyl transfers give a stylish touch feel to any children's bedroom or nursery.

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You can easily decorate a girls bedroom to be classy and simple, yet cute, meaning your little duckling can blossom into a swan without costing you an arm and a leg! Here are some of our favourite examples of stylish girl’s bedrooms to inspire you.

Girls Room Ideas: 40 Great Ways to Decorate a Young Girl's Bedroom 2

10x Mooiste meisjeskamer inspiratie: Mintgroen, zachtroze, pastelkleuren, prinsessenkamer, ik laat je de mooiste vondsten van kinderkamer voor meisjes zien. Mintgroen, roze, behang,

Children’s bedroom inspiration. Simple white furnishings and whimsical decor make for a fun room for your little ones

Van Jansen: Huiswerk maken in stijl

Van Jansen: Huiswerk maken in stijl .Jansen : Doing homework in style

Mooie kleuren voor meisjeskamer. Letters van de naam naast het bed

nice for guest room - I'd add another kind of table with a lamp.

Cool Bedroom Ideas For Teenage, Kids, and Twin - A Scandinavian style Shared Girls' Room - by Kids Interiors