Houtgestookt haard met liftdeur | Stuv

Modern fireplace with firewood log storage discreet alcove; storage below minimal steel hearth.great contrast between the logs and clean cut lines of the stove

Unilux 200, hoekmodel met tweezijdig glasvlak: mooie inzet houthaard van Barbas.

Wood burning stoves and multi fuel stoves supplied and installed across Berkshire, Hampshire,Oxfordshire and London from all manufacturers

Moderne inbouw houthaard in modern interieur. Door Welke_Redactie

Modern fireplace - Houthaard Luna van M-Design past in elk modern interieur…


Antique and old building materials such as antique fireplaces and exclusive floors are the specialty of De Opkamer. We have a large inventory of floors and fireplaces.

Houthaard van Dik Geurts

Instyle Corner EA from the Dik Geurts range. A useful corner wood fire that can be built into a pre-fabricated chimneybreast or used as a part of a room dividing wall.