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an image of a group of people in a glass case with magnets on it
Decorar con piedras - Blog Tendencias y Decoración
I think these are fab - Pebble Art ...Michela Bufalini - QUADRI di PIETRA / @Gigarte.com
a black and white drawing of a person standing in front of a spiral background with lines
Camouflage. by Annie Wu., via Flickr
a paper model of a building on top of a table next to a basket and chair
disegni 3d - Cerca con Google
an image of a hole in the ground
"Hole" Art Print by Brendan Monroe - OMG Posters!
“Hole” Art Print by Brendan Monroe
four different views of the same desk
Nagai Hideyuki
3D Drawings
a white tiger cub with black spots on it's face is shown in an envelope
Start A Fire
Being hearing impaired I see things in a different perspective. I am inspired by the beauty of nature. I draw and make cards with cute and funny animals playing with paper.
a pencil drawing of a tree on top of a book with a swing in the middle
a person is drawing something with pencils on a piece of paper that looks like a seashell
Drawing 3D Art
VamosART - YouTube