megx - LEGO bridge

Giant LEGO bridge in Germany Last fall, German street artist Martin Heuwold (aka Megx) gave this bridge in Wuppertal, Germany a LEGO Brick paint makeover. via Colossal

Govaert & Vanhoutte - Villa Roces

Govaert & Vanhoutte Architecten designed the elegant Villa Roces, a modern home located in Bruges, Belgium. The project exhibits a high degree of transparency while providing a response to the small amount of natural lighting that comes from living

Cheungvogl - Boat Timber Installation at Aesop

cheungvogl: boat timber installation at aesop, hong ideas design office design

Estudio Hago - Dental Office

Dental Office by Estudio Hago, the surgery occupies a floor within an office block in Málaga