Aperitief - Blackberry Ombre Sparkler!! Made with Blackberry Simple Syrup, Champagne, and Rosemary. Perfect for Christmas ;

Blackberry Ombre Sparkler made with Blackberry Simple Syrup, Champagne, and Rosemary, making the perfect Christmas cocktail!

Meersmaak: Hapje in een glaasje

Hapje in een glaasje: mozzarella (o goat cheese, works fine), raw or smoked ham, tomato, basil.

Carpaccio met rode portsaus5

Carpaccio met rode portsaus5

Wat een leuk idee.  Heerlijke paddestoeltjes om te eten. | www.kleertjes.com kinder- en babykleding

If you want to emphasize on creative and interesting touch , then look at our easy and fun appetizers and snacks recipes. Every kids party needs a fun and

Christmas tree fruit display so cool! Especially in our warm climate! #Durban #Christmas #Wakefieldsway

Food trees - guide with pictures for creating beautiful and cute trees from fruit and vegetables. Can be Christmas, can be just a party food tree

Winterse stoofpotje

Winterse stoofpie (Brenda Kookt!)

Recept - Kerstboomstammetje - Allerhande



I'm sharing with you some of the most amazing Christmas Cake Decorations I have seen, some ideas are quick and surprisingly easy, and others are stunning!