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an ornate building with the words busaco palace hotel on it's front cover
PORTUGAL | Bussaco Palace Hotel - The Adventures of MiSa
This unique hotel used to be a monastery. The monks of the monastery planted a huge garden with small chapels and different types of flora. After the monks left the monastery, King Luis I transformed it into a holiday palace for his wife, Queen Maria Pia. But due to political changes, the king and queen never lived in this country residence. The whole building was transformed into a five-star hotel in the nineteenth century.
an image of a church with the words born jesus do monte in front of it
PORTUGAL | Bom Jesus Do Monte - The Adventures of MiSa
Bom Jesus do Monte is a religious pilgrimage site dating from the fourteenth century. The construction of the entire park, which consists of different styles, took almost a century. There are symbols everywhere. Such as the five fountains that flow next to the stairs. These represent the five senses: hearing, seeing, feeling, tasting and smelling. The 577 steps that you climb – either on foot or on your knees – represent a form of penitence.
the view from casteo branco in spain
PORTUGAL | Castelo Branco in Monsanto - The Adventures of MiSa
Monsanto is a village surrounded by huge boulders. It lies at the top of a mountain, which gives you a panoramic view of the Portuguese countryside. In the village you can see several houses that were built under, between, or next to the huge boulders. And right at the top is the castle of Monsanto: Castelo Branco. It has been a strategic spot since ancient times. Due to an explosion in the nineteenth century, only the walls of the castle are still standing.
an old stone tower with the words quinta da regaleria above it
PORTUGAL | Quinta da Regaleira - The Adventures of MiSa
When people visit Sintra, they will often take a bus to the Pena Palace. The Atlas Obscura website suggested visiting a different castle which seemed far more interesting: Quinta da Regaleira. Quinta da Regaleira has several buildings that are richly decorated, an enormous garden with caves, corridors, small castles, chapels and other interesting details.
a windmill with the words consuegra on it
SPAIN | Consuegra - The Adventures of MiSa
The historic village of Consuegra is just an hour’s drive from Madrid. Here you can find twelve white windmills elevated on top of a mountain ridge. These iconic grain mills were built in the sixteenth century and ‘retired’ in 1980. You can visit some of the mills these days. Learning about the history of the mills is really interesting, and the view of the surrounding countryside is amazing too.
an image of the sea and mountains with text that reads, gazeljuttaxe
SPAIN | Gaztelugatxe - The Adventures of MiSa
Off the coast of Biscay is a mystical island with a church on it, called Gaztelugatxe. The name has two meanings: castle rock and unreachable castle. That it’s unreachable became clear quite quickly. Because to reach the island, you’ll need to walk about 150 metres up a stone staircase.
a waterfall with the words salto de la nowa above it and below it
SPAIN | Salto de la Novia - The Adventures of MiSa
Just north of Valencia, in the town of Navajas, is the huge waterfall of Salto de la Novia. This thirty-meter-high waterfall crashes into the River Riu Palancia, and is surrounded by nature. There’s an almost fairytale like atmosphere. And this place has a legend too: young brides had to jump over the river to prove that their love was true, and that their marriage would be a success.
a wooden structure in the woods with text overlay that reads, ladyrinth in argelager
SPAIN | Labyrinth in Argelaguer - The Adventures of MiSa
Josep Pujiula started creating a labyrinth along the River Fluvia in Catalonia in 1980. The labyrinth was built using natural products, and Pujiula brought it all to life using sculptures and other imagery. But in 2002, he was forced to destroy it all, because a new motorway needed to be built.
there is a boat that is in the water near some rocks and sand on the shore
SPAIN | San Romà de Sau - The Adventures of MiSa
In the 1960s, the Catalan government decided to create a reservoir where the village of San Romà de Sau stood. The residents were forced to leave their homes, and water flooded the village. But when it’s been dry here for a while, part of the village is exposed for a short time. And then you’ll be able to see the proud spire of the 1000-year-old church appear. It doesn’t surrender easily to the forces of nature. When the water levels are high, you’ll only be able to see the tip of the church.
the interior of a large library filled with lots of book shelves and bookshelves
PORTUGAL | Mafra Palace Library - The Adventures of MiSa
Mafra Palace is a monastery and palace in baroque and neoclassical style, built between 1717 and 1755. It’s viewed as one of the national treasures of Portuguese architecture. The library is the real attraction though. This 85-metre-long room was built in the sixteenth-century rococo style, characterised by its asymmetry.
the words bugarach in front of a photo of a waterfall and some trees
FRANCE | Bugarach - The Adventures of MiSa
A beautiful place with a strange feeling and myths
a person sitting on a dock with the words the ultimate interview city guide in front of them
BELGIUM | Antwerp Cityguide - The Adventures of MiSa
a statue of a lion in the middle of some trees with text overlay that reads, le cyclp milly - la - la - foret
FRANCE | Le Cyclop, Milly-la-Fôret - The Adventures of MiSa
Atlas Obscura place in France
the words game of thrones in spain are above some stairs
TRAVEL | Game of Thrones itinerary Spain - The Adventures of MiSa
A Game of Thrones itinerary through Spain for fans and lovers of pretty things! Tips, costs & pictures of the places
a large skull sitting on top of trash cans
FRANCE | The Abode of Chaos - The Adventures of MiSa
Atlas Obscura place in France