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STEAM ART - Motion/Movement

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artist Elin Thomas crochets and embroiders these little art-meets-science specimens in the prettiest of palettes.
crocheted & embroidered lichen by Elin Thomas. Link is dead so check or
Stitched Science

STEAM - Micro Organisms Art

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Jenny Holzer - Projections, 2004
In 1977, Holzer began her first truly public series, Truisms, consisting of provocative one-line aphorisms printed in an italic bold font, confronting the viewer through the unsettling element of truth in each proclamation, such as “men are not monogamous by nature” and “money creates taste.”
jenny holzer / summit

STEAM - Art & Light

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STEAM ART - Animals

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AN ECOSYSTEM IN A BOTTLE by Rachel Ignotofsky Would it be great to get students to create their own ecosystems in a bottle!
AN ECOSYSTEM IN A BOTTLE by Rachel Ignotofsky
AN ECOSYSTEM IN A BOTTLE by Rachel Ignotofsky

STEAM - Animals & Habitats

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Stacked beach boulders and pebbles at Robin Hood's Bay, North Yorkshire in March 2009 by Richard Shilling
by Richard Shilling | Frosty Ball and Slab Balance ~ Frosted gritstone slabs and rounded river pebbles balanced. Forest of Bowland, Lancashire
Richard Shilling | Land Art Blog | Stone Cairn | | Pebbles | Kiesel | Pierres de plage | Piedras de playa | морские камни

STEAM - Balance

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'Cell' series by Jess Kirkman
Jess Kirkman 'Cells'
Jess Kirkman 'Cells'


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Here is a new Rocket Paintings poster that I've done for my [Peter Thorpe's] RocketZoom store on Zazzle
Peter Thorpe - space artist.pptx
Peter Thorpe

STEAM - Earth & Space

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Lady of 'The Arts': H A Schult- Trash People And The Beach Garbage Hotel
HA Schult is a conceptual artist who often uses trash to create his art. In 1996 he created an art installation titled Trash People where he constructed one thousand life size ‘people’ made from crushed cans, electronic waste and other refuse from human consumption.
Funny Trash People in #Germany #wtf

STEAM - Ecology Art

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Eduardo Paolozzi His work resembles circuits.
Eduardo Paolozzi
Eduardo Paolozzi His work resembles circuits.

STEAM - Electricity Art

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¤ Alexandre Calder. National Gallery, Washington, DC
ALEXANDER CALDER, TROIS PICS 1967: sheet metal, bolts and paint.
Alexander Calder  Cheval Rouge (Red Horse), 1974  Courtesy Calder Foundation, New York  © 2002 Estate of Alexander Calder/Artists Rights Society (ARS), NY

STEAM - Engineering Art

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evolution, charles darwin, origin of speciies, herbert spencer, red, science of kissing,

STEAM - Evolution

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20 AWESOME ideas for learning about FORCES. Great for Key Stage 1 and Keys Stage 2 #Science
Magnet painting is science and art wrapped up in a colorful package.  And it's a simple set-up project too. STEAM (Sci/Tech/Eng/Art/Math) at it's easiest.

STEAM - Forces

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Sam Cannon
The world is full of magical things - fossils 2 (these words may be by W B Yeats or variation. Or may be by Eden Phillpotts). 20cm by 20cm Watercolours and gouache on watercolour paper
Artist Sam Cannon

STEAM - Fossils

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Bobby Neel Adams  (Same person, young and then old, collaged together)
"Age Maps" by Bobby Neel Adams.
AgeMaps by Bobby Neel Adams

STEAM - Genetics

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STEAM - Health

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Year 3 Materials Display 2013/2014

STEAM - Materials

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Jasper Johns - Numerical forms, use of colour, texture... lovely.
Charcoal Jasper Johns. Year 12 project
Jasper Johns – Figura 8 (Figure 8), 1959. The Sonnabend Collection. Prestito a lungo termine presso Ca’ Pesaro, Galleria Internazionale d'Arte Moderna, Venezia, Nina Sundell e Antonio Homem © Jasper Johns | Artribune

STEAM - Maths & Art

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Related image
Related image
Narrow-leaved helleborine   Found in scattered locations across the UK, populations of this threatened woodland orchid have declined massively over the past 30 years. The stained stem is peppered with black blobs: as with the garlic image, they are clusters of vascular tissue.  (Image: Rob Kesseler)

STEAM - Microscope Images

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Bobby Jaber  Art inspired by molecules.
Bobby Jaber  Art inspired by molecules.
Bobby Jaber

STEAM - Molecules

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Lisa Nilsson.  Paper art.
leonardo da vinci sketches 12
Hine Mizushima - Kogin Embroidered Anatomy Brooches

STEAM - Organ Systems in Art

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Escher: Home Again - another of the pictures we had on our classroom wall
M. C. Escher
escher drawings - Google Search

STEAM - Perspective

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Michael Mew
Trabalho de Michael Mew
Michael Mew / water-lily-40x30

STEAM - Plants and Botany

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Salvador Dali  D'UNE MINUTE A L'AUTRE  Salvador Dali is my favoite artist Source:
imprecise:    Close-up Photo of Salvador Dali’s painting ‘The Persistence of Memory” by Jimmy Baikovicius

STEAM - Time

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Mandala More
Ink Blot Art Activity. Click this pin and go to a fantastic free art activity to link symmetry and art.
Islamic Print project with line of symmetry.

STEAM - Symmetry Art

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