Wiesergut Boutique Hotel by Gogl Architekten

Wiesergut Boutique Hotel by Gogl Architekten

That's all rooms in one. living, sleeping, washing and fireside-sitting. Minimal, modern buildings with floor-to-ceiling windows. Open space for the bedroom and the bathroom. A warm example of minimal style using wood and stone.

Vladimir Bolotkin blog: Hotel - Large Room

I like the grey headboard design and mix of black and greys Deep, dark monochromatic colors with silver accents and rich texture.

Downtown boutique hotel-bedroom at El Zocalo, Mexico by Cherem Arquitectos

Downtown / Cherem Arquitectos

Downtown / Cherem Arquitectos: A Century Mexican palace is reconfigured as a boutique hotel.

ThirtySeven Gozo

A beautiful boho-chic haven, set in 2 converted farmhouses in one of Gozo’s quieter villages.