Jean Jullien

WEBSTA @ jean_jullien - These porcelain face plates made with are now available!Contact for more informations! You can also get them from and pre order at


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Sticky Monsters Lab

Parents, save this list! This is the holy grail for the best toy gift ideas and…

speculaas cookie faces

Speculaas by Kathreen of WhipUp. But look at their little cookie faces! Will do with my great grand's Butterscotch Refrigerator Cookies!

Ceramic Blushie Beastie, Winking by jen e ceramics

If her mission is to put a smile on your face, then Jen Kuroki of lovebugkiko can be considered one of the most successful ceramicists. You’ll fall in love with her pieces, and not just the ones that are winking at you.

Great picture by stadlandkind!!!!CRLNBSMNS // Carolinebosmans EMOtICON SS15

Great picture by stadlandkind!CRLNBSMNS // Carolinebosmans EMOtICON www.

<3 #faces #softcushions

<3 #faces #softcushions