Water plants

Water plants and fish - this is a Water Hyacinth apparently. need a solution to keep it clean.

#Dracaena Drakenbloedboom #Monstera deliciosa Gatenplant. Styling: Moniek Visser, fotografie: Sjoerd Eijckmans

Industrial look with greenery Drakenbloedboom deliciosa Gatenplant.

T.D.C | Springtime: Bringing the Outside In


From the September 2015 issue of Inside Out magazine. Styling by Rebecca Jansma & Suzanne Gorman. Photography by Jason Busch. // plant as inspiration for a living room.


Decorating with Plants Emerald Green Green Velvet Couch Modern Boho Home Decor

Christian Lacroix fabric Monstera

Plant Profile: Monstera deliciosa

preenchimento e pintura Christian Lacroix fabric Monstera

we have a thing for plants

a photographers' journal with a focus on plants

‘Tropical Birds’ mural by Pablo Piatti, BOFFO Showhouse reception; photo: Evan Joseph.

Tropical Birds" wallpaper mural printed by Trestintas Barcelona

Mid-century style sideboard | perfectly curated credenza with a rubber leaf plant | teal wall paint | brass pineapple and brass candlesticks

Easy Houseplants For Indoor Plants - decoratoo

Rubber plant is my favorite plant. Always handsome and timeless green. But rubber plant for me is also linked to Chile and my grandmother’s street.

Serax pottery---I'm not sure if these are candle holders or vases but I don't care. I love them, and they'd be spectacular off-the-beaten-track housewarming gifts.

peachy zine

Aug 12 Curious Creatures

Greenery and foliage

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I find this image thought-provoking, due too the contrast of the stark cement wall and the beautiful palm trees behind it.

Plants | We have had the immense privilege of playing with great greens and pretty flowers for our photo shoots for STORY. Aren't these so lovely?? If you don't know what STORY is, that is totally okay! We will be launching it very soon, but for now we hope these little sneak peeks will hold you over!

A minimalist picture of leaf stems.

: )

Grow Your Own Pineapple Plant

how to grow pineapple

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Bundle for Audrey 2 LF FOAK Oversized tee with lace hoodie and lace sleeves, LF FOAK Vintage Hoodie with Embroidered Rose.

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I had no idea this existed and now I have a mighty need.