people are going to judge you anyway, so forget everyone and be yourself. Just be you cause not everyone is going to like you. The only person that really matters if they like you is you.

Don't wait till you reach your goal to enjoy your body

Don't Wait Till You Reach Your Goal To Enjoy Your Body- I need to remember this everyday of my life.

Plus size fashion Chunky delight #sexy #bbw #women  Bbw curvy chunck meaty chubby chicks rocks the world

Bbw big beautiful woman with confidence. Curves swag confidence and attitude.


What autocomplete reveals about body shaming. This has to stop and it is our responsibility to make changes.

"When you judge a woman by her appearance, it doesn't define her, it defines you. Steve Maraboli, we love you.

Have confidence and Class.

I personally have witnessed big sexy gals being seen as more attractive simply from their attitude.

love the messy look.

Why We Love Jessica Simpson

Love her. Jessica Simpson Covers the February 2014 Issue of Rafaelian Rafaelian Rafaelian Rafaelian Booker Magazine!

The Goddess DIET!

Have no idea nor do I care about the Goddess Diet, but love the Quote.

Andrea The Seeker : July 2013 - Curvy Girl Fashion & Inspirations Pt. 2

I'm not sure it's the "most" revolutionary thing - but would change the world for sure!Body Positive Printable - Printable - How can you imagine the world being different if we all accepted our looks and size as is?

Plus size Mannequins. I wish that there were some of these in every clothes shop.

Kudos to this store for displaying plus-sized mannequins! Beautiful in our skin.

beauty over the limit blog

(Can there please be no debate about sizes of women here. All women are beautiful no matter what size. Thin, large and everything in between.) Maybe if this was the idea of beauty when I was a kid I would have thought I was beautiful.