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The Innocept

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Module Assignment Group 1960s - IMEM2MMCE - Francis Lois Bouwhuis, Tjalina Nijholt, Toni Harrendorf, Petya Aleksandrova & Ana Alice Milani de Valk

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Go Go boots #60s color photo print ad black white floral brown red burgundy knee over 60s 70s

fashion photography vintage - Google zoeken

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The mod style won out over the rockers in Great Britain in the 1960s. Fashions for the mods included longer hairstyles and these funky glasses, which were based off of "granny" glasses.

Mod fashion- consisted of groups of young people in Britain. The mod fashion statement was " elegance, long hair, granny glasses, and Edwardian finery"

Radio 1 - First Broadcast

James Bond villains … horrified by infamy

007 Bond Villian - Dr Julius No (Dr No)

Buzz Aldrin about to take his first steps on the moon. July 20th, 1969

1968 ... '2001'- space station- Robert McCall by x-ray delta one, via Flickr

Vintage wallpapers <3