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an activity book with candy on it for making ten - inch rainbow candys in the classroom
Rainbow Week and St. Patrick's Day
Rainbow Week - Teacher by the Beach
a bulletin board with flowers on it and writing that says make your own bulletin board lettering
DIY Printable Bulletin Board Letters
Ever have the cutest classroom theme, and then struggle to find matching bulletin board lettering? I've got you covered with this super easy tech tutorial that anyone can do!
a blackboard with writing on it and the words characteristics of an effective teacher mentor
Characteristics of an Effective Teacher Mentor
Teacher mentorship is essential for the growth and development of staff. Oftentimes, mentorship is an afterthought and poorly executed. This leaves teachers struggling to make an impact in the classroom. Before designing a mentorship process or program, it’s important to hand pick the perfect candidates to perform the mentor duties. They are the ones that have the biggest influence on the program. The mentors determine whether or not the mentor process or program helps teachers grow their craft.
the small group instruction manual for students to use with their teacher's notebooks
Small Group Planning
Make the most of your small group planning with these teaching tips and free printables from Positively Learning Blog. My secret? Groups WITHIN Groups!
a person is reading a bookmarks with an elephant on it
How to Teach Decoding Strategies to Beginning Readers
These reading strategy bookmarks make a great reference tool for kids to use while reading. When they get stuck on a word, they can refer to the bookmark to remind them of a strategy they can use. #tejedastots
adding and subtracting with 100 magic square puzzles for kids to practice addition skills
FREE Upper Elementary Math Puzzles - HoJo's Teaching Adventures, LLC
Use this puzzle to help your 2nd, 3rd, or 4th grade students master adding and subtracting within 1000. These are great for math centers or stations, review, test prep, worksheet alternatives, and more. Click to grab your copy for second, third, or fourth graders today! #3rdGradeMath #2ndGradeMath #4thGradeMath #Math
Teach Immigration to Elementary Students
This resource for teaching immigration can be used in school or remotely with distance learning! includes topics related to immigration to American the 1800s. Students learn about Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty, challenges immigrants faced and more! Don't forgot about social studies and history during remote learning! #elementaryschoolsocialstudies #teachingimmigration #secondgrade
boxes with the words how to implement pd in a box at your school site
How to Implement “PD in a Box” at your School Site
“PD in a Box” has become a new, engaging way for teachers to learn at their own pace and on their own timetable. Read more on the blog!
How To Use Guided Reading Warm-ups Before Guided Reading Activities |
Guided reading warm ups are a great way to work on reading skills and strategies before diving into guided reading activities! Head to this blog post to learn more about what guided reading warm ups are and how you can use them with your early elementary students. Don't forget to grab your guided reading warm up freebie!