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three flat breads on a white plate with black sesame seeds
Emirati Khameer Bread Recipe
Emirati Khameer Bread is a traditional soft and puffy flatbread from the United Arab Emirates, golden brown and usually topped with sesame seeds and black cumin seeds. This type of bread is different from Arabic khubz as it has a slight sweetness from date water and milk, along with a mild cardamom and nutty flavor
three pieces of bread on a plate with the words regag bread over it in front of them
Emirati Regag Bread
Regag Bread, an Emirati thin bread, is crafted with basic ingredients like flour, water, and salt, cooked on a hot griddle or flat pan to achieve a thin, crispy crepe-like texture, and traditionally adorned with toppings such as egg, cheese, or honey during cooking, making it a popular breakfast choice.
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