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a pencil drawing of two hands holding each other
a beach with the words, never give up god is our strength
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a woman is holding a sewing machine in front of an image of a person standing on the road
38 Collages Of Old, Vintage Photographs From The Past That Form Surreal Madness By Mohanad Shuraideh
Francisco Goya, Drawing Portrait, Spanish Artists, Painting Lessons, Art Website
Lita Cabellut’s Larger than Life-size Fresco Portraits - Hi-Fructose Magazine
a painting of a woman wearing a white hat and fur coat with her eyes closed
VIDEO: Lita Cabellut at Galerie Terminus | Art Miami - galleryIntell
a woman sitting on the ground next to a painting with paint all over her body
Lita Cabellut, 1961 | Mixed media painter
a painting of a woman wearing a white hat and dress with red lipstick on her lips
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