Color palettes

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the different colors of eggs are shown in this graphic style, including coral, butterscotch, duck egg, and emerald sea
Spring Palette
the different shades of paint that are used to create an art project for children's rooms
Fall Color Palette
a living room with pink walls and wood flooring in shades of peach, green, brown
Pink and Earthy Colour Combo – #Colour Palette 121
the color palette is brown and green
Brown and Sage Colour Combo – Colour Palette 137
a desert scene with sand dunes and hills in the distance
different shades of paint on white paper with the words arctic, pine, berry, linen and
four squares with different colors in them on a gray background and the words color pick below it
Official Summer Colors
the different shades of pink and white are shown in this image, with text on each side
a bunch of flowers that are in some color swatches with the words shades of pink, orange and yellow
Flora Palette
the feminine neutral palette is shown in four different shades, including pink, green and beige
Neutral Feminine Color Palette