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the hair is laying in the sink and it looks like they have been dyed blonde
an old building with lots of rubble in the foreground and tall buildings in the background
an eyeball is shown in the dark
Pinterest: @isabellereneexo
a woman with blonde hair is looking down at her cell phone while sitting in the sun
we must travel in the direction of our fear, installation view at tater art gallery
Wall Piece with 200 Letters. Mikko Kuorinki.
a large group of people are walking in the street with their shadows on the ground
a white bowl filled with coal and rocks
At the Dauntless choosing ceremony, they have lit coals. That is to represent their fiery passion for what they do.
a flock of birds flying in the sky with their wings spread out and there is no image to describe
she's lost control
They have always liked the birds that they see over the compound, and…
a woman holding a pair of scissors in her hand
Raven Reyes || the 100
a room with a clock and some writing on the wall next to a chair in front of it
what beautiful battlefields you are : Photo
what beautiful battlefields you are : Photo
an aerial view of the chicago skyline with water and grass in foreground, looking toward downtown
Divergent - Divergent 2014 1080p KISSTHEMGOODBYE NET 0053 - High Quality MOVIE SCREENCAPS Gallery
•Curiosity Killed The Cat•
a hand holding a syquet with an empty needle in it
vintage syringe - Google Search
an upside down view of the inside of a caged in area with a clock
First Jumper, Tris!