een kunstwerk voor het amazonerif

gehaakte en gebreide koralen, en andere zeedieren. ter inspiratie voor het project #eenkunstwerkvoorhetamazonerif van #greenpeace #craftivists knitted Coral…
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a red coral on a white background
GALLERY — Meredith Woolnough
several white crocheted objects are arranged on a black surface
The Cat in the Cardigan
I’ve only just heard about this thing called Hyberbolic Crochet. Now I can’t stop searching for it. For those that want to know what exactly Hyperbolic Crochet is, read on … “ Hyperbolic Crochet is the name given to applying a mathematical principle...
an octopus stuffed animal sitting on top of a checkered tablecloth covered table cloth
203gow's Octopuses
Octopus, Krake, Tintenfisch häkeln
a white knitted jellyfish sitting on top of a woven straw basket next to a tag
Croche zoology.
a bunch of holes in the side of a wall that is made out of shells
Ghost Reef Freeform Crochet Sculpture, by cornflowerbluestudio Looks like textile sculpture - amazing!
four crocheted objects are shown in different colors and sizes on a white background
The Institute For Figuring // Gallery
The institute for figuring - math and crochet meet to consider hyperbolic structures and coral reefs.
several different types of rugs and pillows on display
girl crush. - sfgirlbybay
Emily Barletta is a genius at crochet and here is here amazing story
some red and orange corals on a white surface
Helle Jorgensen
Helle Jorgensen | Crochet Coral Reef
white crocheted flowers and shells on a black background
Ildiko Szabo
Ildiko Szabo | Crochet Coral Reef
two crocheted purple flowers sitting on top of a white table
Daina Taimina
Daina Taimina | Crochet Coral Reef
a pile of red corals sitting on top of a white table
Rubbish Vortex: Rubbish Vortex WIP
Rubbish Vortex WIP
sea shells and seashells on a white tray
Again de gehaakte schelp...hij blijft mooi vind ik!
Mijn eigen plekkie: Again de gehaakte schelp...hij blijft mooi vind ik!
a crocheted necklace with white corals on it -&nbspildiko Resources and Information.
Ildiko textile art - Textiles