'I see myself in you' Neon, 2013 by artist Alexandra Grant

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English artist Christine Wood uses little squares in glass to create very beautiful circular artworks where the light reflects different colorful patterns on the wall. She plays with geometry, shadows and the viewers’ perception

Glass Reflection And Patterns

Geometric Arrangements of Colorful Glass Reflect Patterns of Light - My Modern Met

Olafur Eliasson - The Weather Project at Tate Modern

I remember seeing my Olafur Eliasson Installation in 2005 & it changed my life. Architecture & lighting design is my jam. "The Weather Project" Tate Modern

Dutch Pavilion - International Art Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia

The public cultural funding organization focusing on visual arts and cultural heritage

Urs Fischer

1500 Giant Raindrops Hang Magically in Mid-Air

Urs Fischer’s “Horses Dream of Horses,” 1500 Giant Raindrops - by Swiss-born artist Urs Fischer at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (April Photo by Stefan Altenburger

Anish Kapoor Space as an Object 2001

Anish Kapoor, Space as an Object, 2001

fred sandback

Fred Sandback Untitled (Sculptural Study, Five-part Construction) Black acrylic yarn David Zwirner Gallery

Donald Judd, Untitled, 1990

Donald Judd - Untitled, 1990 This is form, not illusion of form. The blocks are sticking out of the wall giving it width. There is also height as they go from the ground up.

Interspace | Florian Hildebrandt minimal, minimalist, minimalism, art

white lines make me happy.

unabide:  Robert Irwin Double Blind

Robert Irwin Double Blind _Robert Irwin is an American installation artist. He lives and works in San Diego, California.

Anish Kapoor

eccentric Kollector by Anish Kapoor

Softie-Wanted-Victoria-Ledig-Mandy-Roos_Industrial foam gets fresh bold application

Industrial Foam Gets a Fresh, Bold Application

Mandy Roos and Victoria Ledig for Form&Seek put their heads together to give boring industrial foam a new lease on life through a fresh and bold application. The result is Softie Wanted, a collection of fun plush pieces you can lounge around on.

Hinged Painting (partition) Lisa Sigal

Lisa Sigal — Hinged Painting [partition]t

richard roth

Richard Roth minimal art installation love it

Slab    De Wain Valentine  1968  Cast polyester resin  70 3/ 8 x 23 1/ 2 x 17 1/4 in.  Collection Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, Gift of First Interstate Bank of California, Los Angeles.

DeWain Valentine, Slab, Cast polyester resin Collection Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego.

Carl Andre

Carl Andre